I've known Kohl & Taylor...

for years. Taylor waited for Kohl while he was in the United States Army, and throughout the years, I watched as their love for one another grow stronger and stronger.


When they first got engaged, my husband and I pulled an all-nighter to drive out to Arizona. We slept for two hours, met up with them at a random parking lot, and drove them into Sedona where the four of us trekked through the rocky terrain to climb onto Devil's Bridge.

Following their Session, I pulled them both to the side and told them I was about 4 weeks pregnant. I offered to give them back their retainer if they didn't feel comfortable with my due date being right around the corner from their wedding and they insisted they trusted and wanted us. 

The Kellys were surrounded by friends and family last November, where they tied the knot at their uncle's home in Mira Loma. And us? We're just happy we were able to capture it for them.

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